“In a sparkling transparent dress”: Gorgeous Hayek and her husband became the main highlight at the gala

Hayek’s stunning appearance at the gala definitely deserves special attention

It should be noted that on the 5th of November, the LACMA Art + Film Festival 2022 was held at the Museum of Art in Los Angeles.

Since the annual event originally promoted the popular fashion house Gucci, most of the guests spectacularly appeared wearing gorgeous outfits from this worldwide famous brand. It is worth mentioning that Gucci itself is a part of multinational corporation Kering the owner of which is F. Henri Pinault who is the husband of one of the most outstanding Mexican actresses, S. Hayek. That’s the reason why the iconic couple immediately became the center of attention and the main highlight at the gala.

However hard it is to believe, Salma, the brilliant star of “Bandits” has already celebrated her 56th birthday who appeared in a sparkling transparent dress and looked simply stunning.

Her gorgeous look undoubtedly deserved special attention since it clearly emphasized the Mexican celebrity’s flawless figure and attractiveness.

However, many pointed out the plain and aged look of her husband who proudly stood next to the star.

Are you impressed with Hayek’s gorgeous dress? Have you watched any films starred by her?


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