«In a silver bra with shimmering stones»: Hudson’s stunning look in a shimmering bra and a blue blazer deserves special attention

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Hudson’s chic look in a shimmering bra and miniskirt

Charming 43-year-old K. Hudson made a spectacular appearance at Sella McCartney’s fashion presentation held in Los Angeles. The movie star looked like a millions dollars in her SS ’23 collection wearing a silver bra with glittering stones.

She looked unsurpassable in her elite brand turquoise oversized blazer costing 1700 pounds and a mini skirt of the same color. Her gorgeous look made it clear that the incredibly talented actress still possesses slender legs and desirable figure.

Hudson was posing confidently showing off her professionalism, glory and unearthly beauty on high heels and with a melting smile.

The glamorous makeup of the daughter of legendary actress G. Hawn and prominent musician B. Hudson in glossy lipstick, silver eyeshadows wasn’t unnoticed and her gorgeous blond curls perfectly flowed over her shoulders.

The event attended by not only her but a number of such iconic celebrities as D. Lovato, M. Kline and many others was called «golden youth» of Hollywood held by the daughter of the lead vocalist of the cult group «Beatles».

Stella in her turn outshone everyone there appearing in a tight-fitting dress inspired by retro style.

What concerns 33-year-old A. Benson, her appealing look in a black and gold tiger-printed pantsuit drew everyone’s attention as well.

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