In a «granny» bikini!: The recent photos of actress Robbie from vacation became the subject of discussions

Paparazzi caught Robbie on a beach who chose an unusual image and a «granny» bikini 😳😲

The unearthly beautiful facial features, perfect parameters and femininity made this successful actress one of the most attractive and desirable women on Earth. She can deservedly be called a role model for all girls and women.

People may know her from such popular series as «Neighbors» and «The Wolf of Wall Street» that brought her overall fame and recognition.

Though she is married, she is still surrounded by thousands of men who highly appreciate her unique beauty, femininity and charisma. However, the recent paparazzi photos of the iconic actress came as a big surprise.

Many, who were convinced that their idol looked literally perfect, were disappointed when they saw what the woman actually looked like in real life. They simply weren’t ready to see those imperfections.

Some even paid much attention to her swimsuit claiming that it looked like as if it belonged to her granny.


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