“In a daring bridal look”: Lopez’s fans immediately came into delight seeing their idol in a bridal gown

Lopez’s look in an unusual and torn bridal gown made a deep impression

Lopez’s recent appearance in a slightly dirty and extraordinary wedding dress didn’t let anyone stay indifferent.

Recently, the charming couple of Lopez and B. Affleck happily got married. Shortly after the ceremony, they went to France for their honeymoon which they spent in a French style in the man’s luxurious estate located in Savannah. On that special day, the well-known actress changed three bridal gowns and not so long ago her wedding photos in a torn and unusual dress were shared on the web.

As it later turned out, the photoshoot was taken during the filming of a new movie. Together with Josh Duhamel the actress starred in “Shotgun Wedding”.

Great news! On the 27th of January, 2023, the film will be eventually released and hit our screens. The gorgeous actress’s extraordinary look gave the woman even more charm without ruining her spectacular image.

Lopez’s bridal look consisted of a lace skirt, a corset and puffed sleeves. Absolutely everyone’s looking forward to the release of the legendary movie!

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