«In a Barbie-inspired image!»: The magnificent appearance of Robbie in total pink delighted everyone

All eyes are on Robbie who was caught in a Barbie-inspired image behind the scenes

Her Barbie-like image in total pink behind the scenes pleasantly surprised millions. The well-known Hollywood star of Australian origins was caught in Los Angeles. She resembled the famous doll and looked simply fantastic.

Her tight-fitted top and flared trousers with shimmering stars perfectly emphasized the stunning celebrity’s slender and attractive body. She put on a white cowboy hat and the final touch to her iconic image was a pink bandana.

She was captured with a lunch box in her hand and was probably about to have lunch during the break. It is worth mentioning that she has the leading role in the movie directed by G. Gerwig.

«The tape is gaining a lot of resonance. It looks great, definitely very bright. The Important thing about this story is that she is not just a star, but the executive producer behind it all», claimed media insider P. Ford.

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