In 2008, a certain young couple did not imagine that they would have such a big brood.

Embracing motherhood in all its entirety is an incredible feeling and 37-year-old Courtney is all too familiar with such sentiments. The mom of 11 is all set to welcome her twelfth child in March next year, and cannot wait to complete her family.

Courtney and Chris Rogers are parents to 11 beautiful children, and they’re ready for their twelfth child together so their brood is finally complete. The family is quite fond of the “letter C,” and that’s one reason why their kids have their names starting with C.

The lovely couple shared that their kids encouraged them to have another baby, and kept pleading to their parents so they, too, could become a real-life example of the classic movie “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

Courtney has 11 beautiful kids, including 5 girls and 6 boys. | Photo:

Courtney is a stay-at-home mother and lives with her 33-year-old husband Chris and eleven children in their house located in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. Her twelfth baby will almost be arriving by the time her eldest child is 12 years old. She further shared:

“We’re so excited as we had wanted 12. I’m very thankful that it’s happening, and the kids are still going to be close in age.”

The couple will hopefully discover the gender of their baby sometime in October but are positive about naming their last child with the letter C. The mom of 11 shared that her husband wishes to have a girl, so their family of 6 boys and 6 girls can be complete.

Courtney’s desire is to have a baby boy, but she’s ready to welcome whatever God has planned for her. The couple has a 15-seater van and a three-bedroom property, but plan to expand their space once their twelfth child arrives. She homeschools all her kids.

Despite the 22-year age difference, the couple are going strong and never miss a chance to shower their kids with love and affection.
However, she fears that there might be complications in her delivery since her youngest kid had to stay in NICU for 15 days after birth. Courtney has already had three C-sections, and cannot opt for a vaginal birth anymore, but she’s hopeful that things will turn out fine.

The motherly bond is unlike any other, and similarly, Imogen Banham of Shimpling, Norfolk experienced it all too well when she had 8 children to look after at the age of 30. Mrs. Banham has never gone more than 10 months without expecting and loves being a mother.

She lives with her beautiful kids and her 52-year-old husband, Peter in their three-bedroom home. The couple follows strict budget plans and has set their food expenditure to £200 ($273) at Tesco. They even take recreational trips to the zoo and the seaside.

Even though she has a tough schedule, she still makes time to run a local mother and toddler group. Her husband is equally supportive and works night shifts, earning £43,000 ($58,000) per year as a maintenance engineer.

While the couple has a 22-year age difference, they are going strong and never miss a chance to shower their kids with immense love and affection. Mrs. Banham even shared that her husband has always felt young at heart thanks to their lovely kids.