«Imperfect appearance and unpleasant figure»: photos of Julia Roberts in a bikini on the beach disappointed fans

Grandma’s knees and hanging belly!💔The paparazzi managed to capture Julia on vacation🧐😳Fans criticized the star’s imperfections which caught in recent photos😱😬

Favorite actress Julia Roberts, who was especially loved after her role in the film «Pretty Woman», recently found herself in paparazzi footage. For many, she has a slender figure, long legs and a radiant smile. It’s no secret that Julia is one of the most attractive women among the stars, and therefore has become a beauty icon.
However, recent photos show that she, like everyone else in the world, is experiencing the effects of aging.

Julia Roberts has accepted her natural aging and decided not to maintain her youth with cosmetic procedures. She is against all plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures. At 55 years old, many of her fans are in awe of her appearance and praise her naturalness.

But apparently not everyone liked Julia’s appearance․ Some expressed their dissatisfaction with Julia’s current appearance․ To them she looks very old.
The paparazzi spotted Julia on vacation and published a photo, which sparked discussions among fans. Many criticize her for not taking care of herself and not playing sports to have a beautiful physique․ Others admire her for accepting her natural essence.

Julia Roberts once had a naturally slender figure, but time has had a big impact on her. However, for many she has an inspiring figure even now, which reminds that a woman should accept herself as she is at any age․

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