Imhotep from «The Mummy» 23 years ago and now!: This is how actor Arnold Vosloo looks and lives today

This is who was hiding behind the evil screen image of Imhotep in «The Mummy» 🤔🧐

This adventurous and mystical film released in 1999 was a success with its uncommon plot twists and special effects that seemed incredible at those times. The film gained overall popularity and became a real blockbuster.

It stands to reason that it is mainly thanks to its prominent and talented actors that the film gained fame since they fantastically did their job and brilliantly portrayed the characters.

Despite his evil image, priest-villain Imhotep played attracted millions of women’s hearts with his handsomeness. Surprisingly, he was more popular with women than the positive characters. It was this film that brought him recognition.

Even after over 23 years, he still retained his athletic body shape and is still popular as an actor unlike many stars of the movie.

In life, he has turned out to be the complete opposite of his evil image. He is a caring family man, endlessly loves animals and donates big amounts of money for their protection.

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