«I’m pleased to appear before you in a new way»: Hollywood actress Ellen Page has changed her appearance to look like a man

Her bold decision is incomprehensible to most fans 😳🧐

Two years ago famous actress Ellen Page surprised everyone with her daring decision to transform her appearance into that of a man. The 35-year-old star didn’t accept herself as she was and made a decision to become a man.

The actress posted a photo of herself after the plastic surgery and introduced her new image to fans, asking them to call her Elliot. She expressed satisfaction with her new look, saying that her dream of becoming a man had finally come true.

Many of her fans were happy with her new image, insisting that it’s her life and she runs it the way she wants. But others could not understand the meaning of such a transformation.

Now it’s your turn to express your own opinion about her new look. Do you like it?

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