«Ideal appearance with the help of doctors»: 76-year-old Cher looked absolutely unidentifiable in her youth

Plastic surgery became her addiction, which she didn’t want to get rid of 😱😳

Cher looks wonderful at 76, but few people know how she looked in her youth. Although the singer has applied for plastic surgeries many times, she has a very pleasant appearance. The first operation she applied for was on her nose in 1974. At that time she was 28 years old.

After that she had surgery on her nose two more times and now she finally likes its shape.

Here are two photos of her youth. Has she changed a lot?

The singer has always struggled for having a youthful appearance and now it seems she has achieved her goal and looks great at this age.

She says that her such youthful look is due to the great efforts of skilled surgeons, and she is grateful to them for maintaining her beauty and charm.

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