“Iconic outfits of Lady Di copied by millions”: The outfits with a dot pattern worn by the Princess

These outfits with a dot pattern worn by Princess Diana are adored today

Many fashion critics and fashionistas state that in the 1990s and earlier every single stylish girl and woman had a dress with this pattern which used to be considered one of the fashionable elements of the wardrobe of the female. Though decades have already passed, millions still prefer dresses with such an interesting pattern and some tend to wear such outfit periodically. Over the years, only the color and the size of the dots have changed and the style remained absolutely the same. Today, one may say that this mainstream has come back and here, it should be noted that one of the women who represented this style in her unique way was the Princess. In her wardrobe, one could find dozens of outfit with such a pattern.

Do you like the polka dot pattern?

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