Iconic actress Natalia Oreiro surprised her followers with her look in a dress with a deep neckline

The netizens hardly recognized actress Natalia Oreiro who lost much weight

Even already being 43, the cult and world famous actress still continues delighting her fans with her bright and eye-catching looks. Despite her age, Oreiro isn’t going to change her style.

The legendary woman often pleasantly surprises her followers showing off her stunning and flawless figure. And her recent look wasn’t an exception. The actress shared photos in which she was wearing a dress with a very deep neckline leaving everyone speechless.

You could find such comments as “This outfit doesn’t suit you at all”, “You shouldn’t wear such clothes!”, “Looks weird”.

Many were surprised with her makeup as well. “Such makeup makes you look much older”, “Doesn’t look her age”, “What an unsuccessful look!”. The actress, however, looks absolutely stunning! What is your opinion?

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