«I wish my eyes didn’t see this»: This non-standard model was criticized for her bold look in sweatpants and a crop top

The way the plus-size model’s body looked in sweatpants and a crop top caused a stir

One American model has recently been spotted in Los Angeles by paparazzi. It seems as if the woman with an unusual appearance wasn’t ready to appear in the spotlight.

No one stayed indifferent seeing what the unique model’s body looked like in such a daring and tight-fitted outfit.

«I wish my eyes didn’t see this», «It’s high time to lose weight and surprise us with your incredible body changes», «At least her face is quite pretty».

«Please, stop this!», «Why does she look like this at such a young age? What a pity!».

«I love her anyway. My queen!», «The best out of the best».


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