“I hate this era, I am sick of it”: Legendary Alain Delon shares his thoughts about his life, career and our era

These are thoughts shared by legendary Delon about his life and our era

During his interview in the magazine Paris Match, the 82-year-old actor shared his honest thoughts about his life and career.

Valerie Trierweiler, who spoke with the praiseworthy actor, called this meeting.

The interview was dedicated to the cult actor’s career 60th anniversary.

Recalling his roles, old friends and family, Delon shared

“I have nothing to take from this life anymore. I have experienced absolutely everything. I can say that I am literally sick of this era.

I don’t like these people. The only thing they are actually interested in is money. All day long I am hearing about criminal activities spread in every part and corner of this world. People don’t keep promises. I will definitely leave this world without any regrets.

He talked about his old friends, women he truly loved and failures and difficulties he had to cope with. The actor places a great importance on dogs. They actually play a big role in the artist’s life. When Delon is asked about his personal life, he claims that hasn’t managed to find “that one” yet.

I have a number of admirers and many women around me who are ready to undertake everything for me”. Whereas, according to the artist, none of them actually suits him.

The actor’s career is far from over: in one of his recent interviews, he talked about the latest film directed by P. Lecomte. Delon also mentioned that the man wanted to return to the theatre.

The latest film in which Delon played the role of Caesar, Asterix and Olympic Games, was released in 2008. The last time the actor played at the theatre was with his daughter Anouchka.

“I am an artist, not an actor. I haven’t graduated from the acting academy. At the age of 14, I left school and then went to the army.

I haven’t ever dreamed of the career of an actor. I wasn’t born to be Alain Delon. This is called a destiny”.