«How sad it is to see our idol suffer»: The news that legendary actor Willis’s health is worsening saddened the fans

On footage of the celebration of Willis’s 68th birthday, fans noticed something strange

As Willis’s current wife has sadly announced, the dementia the cult actor has been diagnosed with is worsening at an unsustainable rate. The serious ailment the great movie star suffers sometimes leads him to forget even his family.

Despite all this, all the members of his family gathered together to sincerely celebrate his birthday. According to many, the prominent actor has changed beyond recognition. The fans noticed that one of his teeth was missing and started to worry.

Such radical changes greatly surprised his followers who could do nothing but wish him good health and patience.

«What a pity to see our idol suffer», «He is lucky enough to have such a caring and dedicated family», «I am sorry to see you look like this», «Am I the only one who noticed the missing tooth?».

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