«Hormones play tricks after the divorce!»: Giselle has noticeably gained weight and changed beyond recognition 

The fans hardly recognize the former highest-paid supermodel after the divorce 😱🧐

The appearance of Giselle has undergone radical changes shortly after the divorce. The way the 42-year-old star looks like now lets no single one remain indifferent.

Many are convinced that those extra kilos fail to ruin her incredible beauty and attractiveness. Her gorgeous blond hair and femininity are undeniably worthy of admiration.

Instead of weighing 50 kilos, she now weighs 60 kg while her height is 180 cm. Her beige knitted dress perfectly emphasized her curves.

On June 6, she appeared at a broadcast event and left everyone there speechless. No one could take their eyes off the toned and appetizing figure of the star.

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