«Honey Boo Boo 10 years later: This is how the winner of the children beauty contest looks and lives now

The little winner of the contests of beauty has grown up and is now hard to recognize 😳🤔

The little winner of the beauty competition gained overall fame and popularity shortly after she appeared on the big screen. Her extraordinarily cute and charming appearance left no single one indifferent. She built a successful career as a model.

Being the star of the popular TV show, she suddenly disappeared from television and her participation in shows became rare. Unlike many people’s opinions, her life was not as perfect as it seemed to be.

Soon, she started to have problems concerning her weight that took her beauty. She became overweight one of the causes of which was her genes since her mother and her sisters were all with extra weight.

Alana is now unrecognizable, but still pretends to «star as a star». She is about to graduate from school and her dream job is to become a babysitter. She wants people to remember her as who she actually is.

There is a caring boy next to her who openly supports her and is always by her side. For him, she is flawless and looks gorgeous. Most importantly, the girl is happy.

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