Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves came to complete strangers’ wedding ceremony and congratulated them

These newlyweds were lucky enough to be congratulated by actor Reeves

This charming couple, Nikki and James decided to get married and celebrate the most remarkable day in their life in the territory of hotel Fawsley and they happened to be quite fortunate since prominent actor Keanu Reeves was staying in the same hotel at that time.

During the ceremony, James got excited to notice the iconic film star, approached and warmly greeted him. As a joke and without any serious intention, the groom invited the actor to their wedding being more than sure that this definitely wouldn’t happen.

Whereas during the wedding, the guard called the bride and announced that someone special wished to personally congratulate her and that guest was, believe it or not, Keanu Reeves.

“I got so nervous as it was him, Keanu Reeves. We met and I offered a glass of drink but he politely refused since he was going to have a long flight soon. Reeves was absolutely adorable and kind-hearted. He warmly congratulated us on our wedding and, no need to say, we were deeply touched”, shared the excited bride.

The outstanding actor not only congratulated the newlyweds, but also interacted with the guests and took photos with them.

The couple confessed that it was such a remarkable event that they probably won’t ever forget.

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