«His youngest son whom he didn’t show»: This is how the youngest heir of the King of Pop looks and lives now

This is what a handsome man the youngest son of Jackson has become 🥹🤗

Meet Prince Jackson II who is the youngest of the Pop King who didn’t choose a career of a singer unlike his sister who followed in the career footsteps of her father.

It is known that he is a highly educated and intelligent boy. Among his hobbies are reading and educating himself.

For his 18th birthday, he got himself a luxurious gift – a house in Los Angeles. Currently, the man lives next door to his grandmother. This is what he looks like now.

He has always been the center of attention among paparazzi and journalists. Many claim that he looks incredibly like his legendary father.

Their striking resemblance lets no single one remain indifferent. His father and he are like two peas in a pod.

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