«His wife is younger than his daughter!»: The appearance of actor Penn and his youthful wife became the subject of discussions

Everyone was left speechless when 62-year-old Penn showed his 29-year-old wife

Believe it or not, legendary 62-year-old actor S. Penn legitimized his relationship with 29-year-old Leila George. The recent paparazzi photos that caused a stir on social media reveal the non-standard spouses walking together.

The latest shots of the unique couple didn’t let anyone remain indifferent and neither their fans nor their ill-wishers could simply pass by.

Many referred to them as «a grandfather with his granddaughter». The fact that the prominent movie star’s chosen one is even younger than his heiress became the subject of discussions.

However, the most important thing is that they look endlessly happy together and, according to some, harmonious. This is their choice and we don’t have the right to judge!

Anyway, you’re welcome to your opinion in the comment section!

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