«His bald head – his calling card»: This is what action movie star Statham looked like in youth with a hairy head

The fans hardly recognized movie star Statham with a hairy head: Archival footage

Here is the talented and successful actor who is often associated with the protagonist of action movies. He has always been distinguished by his masculine and athletic body, brilliant acting skills and charisma.

Other praiseworthy qualities that are typical of the film star are being diligent, self-disciplined and physically fit. However, one should also consider his baldness which has become his calling card.

Have a look at what the prominent actor looked like in youth and has changed over these years!

However surprising it may seem to most of his fans, he used to be hairy-headed which now makes him hard to recognize. Was it surprising for you?

It stands to reason that his hard work and regular sport activities have paid off and he still possesses an excellent physique.

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