Here is the method of “five whys” by Toyoda that helps solve problems that occur on our path to success

The method of “five whys” by the founder of Toyota will help solve any problem

Now, we are going to tell you about the following very popular and productive method or technique called “five whys” using which you will definitely find ways of solving any problem that occurs on your path to success. The method was elaborated by the founder of Toyota, Toyoda.

Since the early years of his childhood, Toyoda took a great interest in solving mechanisms, discovering new and interesting things. He managed to become the man who provided the world with automation and electronics that were enormously successful and could reach unsurpassable heights.

The man created the method of “five whys” which is truly useful and will undoubtedly help anyone with solving problems and overcoming difficulties. The method focuses on the root cause and helps you find the core problem that results in obstacles on your way. This can help you achieve success in the sphere of business as well.

Moreover, the technique can widely be used even in our daily life. This is how it actually works!

Let’s take one basic example: you want to purchase quite expensive blue boots, whereas you have the red ones already. You should ask yourself “Why?”, the answer can be “Since it is important for me to look better”, “Why?”, “Because my counterparts and colleagues ignore me”, “Why?”, “Because I am isolated and don’t want to communicate with them”, “Why?”, “Because I can’t think of anything to talk to them about”, “Why?”, “Because I feel completely lonely among them”.

It actually turned out that by buying new expensive shoes you expect attention from your colleagues as you lack communication.

This productive and useful method can definitely be used in any sphere of our life and will let us face the core problem we experience and thus find a solution to it.


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