Here are the late Princess’s thoughts and inner struggle during the period of her pregnancy

This is what Princess Diana wrote in her diary during her first pregnancy period

The marital life the royal couple lasted 15 years, whereas everyone is well of that fact that the woman was unhappy with her husband, while, at that time, talking about personal problems was hardly allowed in the British royal family. Having no other choice, Diana shared her feeling with her psychologist who strongly advised her to write down her thoughts and things she was most concerned about on a paper. The specialist assured that it would definitely help her cope with her problems and that she would feel relieved.

Exactly these notes were found and given to specialists. As it turned out, the Princess intended to end her life before the official announcement and scandals. This happened when she was still pregnant with William. In these notes she shared all her feelings and self-destructive thoughts about ending herself.

The Princess was well aware of the fact that her husband had love affairs with Camila Parker-Blouse and the Prince wanted her to be skinnier and look better. As a result, the woman gained serious problems concerning her health. After their official divorce, the woman didn’t manage to live long. She was killed in a car accident.

The experts are still studying her diaries and we hope people will soon learn more about her!

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