Here are the icons of style of the 1990s: The style of these legendary stars will never cease to delight millions

These stars from the 1990s were considered real icons of style of their time

It seems like 1990s’ fashion has a tendency to return and now there appear more and more celebrities whose current style is inspired by the 1990s fashion and trends. As it is known the fashion always comes back and such kind of accessories or clothes that were worn by women 20-30 years ago are seen on women of today. We all can find something very fashionable in the backs of our wardrobe. Now, we will show you the brightest stars from 1990s who still are considered fashionable.

W. Ryder

D. Barrymore

N. Portman

Spice Girls

L. Tyler

Alicia Silverstone

G. Stefani

C. Love

K. Moss


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