Here are her archival photos: Tess Holliday eventually showed how she actually looked in her youth

This is how model Holliday with non-standard appearance looked as a teenager

Being approximately 165cm tall, T. Holliday weighs over 150 kilos which is simply incredible and, of course, not normal for her age and height and can badly affect her health. Whereas the confident girl has no insecurities about her non-standard appearance and completely accepts herself the way she is. According to the model, she has always been with extra weight, even in her early teenage years. Tess decided to share some old photos of her as well.

Regardless of her extra weight and rather unusual look, Holliday is currently one of the most demanded and successful models with plus-size. The popular fashion houses and magazines simply adore the way how confident she is.

How did you find this extraordinary-looking woman?


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