Here are actress Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren who inherited their grandmother’s charm and uniqueness  

This is how Elizabeth Taylor’s grown-up grandchildren look and what they do

One of the most charming and admirable actresses in Hollywood, misfortunately, passed away in 2011 at the age of 79 leaving her family and loyal fans in tears. The grandchildren of the legendary woman are absolutely unique and inherited the best from their grandmother.

It should be noted that Taylor had 10 grandchildren and now let’s discuss what they currently do and how they look.


As Naomi mentioned, she inherited the obsession of accessories and bright outfits from her cult grandmother and, as a result, she is now a successful stylist. The 46-year-old woman added that the precious time spent with her late grandmother was the best in her life.


Laela was the first grandchild of the iconic actress. The woman confessed that she actually got most attention from her famous granny, whereas was in a close connection and had a warm relationship with all her siblings. It was her grandmother who taught her the technics of makeup and the use of cosmetics defining the conception of beauty. Taylor helped her a lot in mastering in doing hairstyles as well. Laela is currently working as a graphic designer in the States.


Many hold the opinion that Quinn was the only one who inherited the bright appearance of his famous grandmother. He is truly a creative person who takes a great interest in photography as well as painting.


Tarquin decided to follow the career steps of his grandmother Taylor. The guy is a talented director and the thought of his granny never ceases to warm his heart. He appreciated the generosity and kind-heartedness of his grandmother.

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