«Her new romance»: Singer Swift has found love in the arms of band leader Healy

This is who has become Swift’s boyfriend shortly after her breakup with Alwyn 🤔🧐

After being in a relationship with J. Alwin, this incredibly talented, successful and outstanding singer has found love in the arms of the rock band musician with whom she has recently appeared in public.

Only a month was enough for her to find her new love, the 1975 band leader M. Healy. The singer herself «introduced» him by appearing in Nashville, Tennessee accompanied by the musician.

One may say that she doesn’t want to play games and keep her new relationship a secret. Instead, she is eager to introduce her new lover to everyone making it clear that their relationship is serious.

Matty in his turn didn’t miss the chance to go to Nashville to openly support the singer and be by her side.

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