«Her name was tattooed on her dad’s body»: The unearthly beauty of Walker’s daughter left everyone speechless

This is what a beauty the star of «Fast and Furious» Walker’s daughter has become

Here is the well-known star best remembered for his participation in the famous action movie. Walker had an angelically beautiful heiress whose name was tattooed on his body. Yet, he couldn’t manage to see her grow because of a fatal car accident.

During the last years of his life, the movie star dedicated himself to his daughter who lived with him since her mother suffered from alcoholism. Paul passed away when Meadow, his charming daughter, was only 15.

The friends of the action movie star were more than sure that «Fast and Furious» was to be his last picture since he intended to spend as much time with his daughter as it would be possible.

Currently, Meadow is 22 and some modeling agencies desire to work with her owing to her unearthly beauty and absolutely unique appearance.

Meadow leads an active lifestyle often traveling widely and being actively engaged in charity.

Do you think Meadow looks like her late father?

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