«Her mother’s genes did a great job!»: The incredibly beautiful appearance of Ambrosio’s heiress delighted everyone

This is what an angelic beauty Alessandra Ambrosio’s daughter has become 😍

Recently, the daughter of A. Ambrosio named Anya Luisa delighted the whole world with her unique beauty. The heiress of the Brazilian Victoria Secret’s muse pleasantly surprised the network users.

Many clearly noticed that the mother and the daughter strikingly looked like each other.

«I am so lucky to be your mom and my love for you is endless. I love you and wish you all he best in your life because you deserve it!», went the model.

«I want my kids to do what they love, and it it’s modeling, I’ll be there every step.

The touching congratulation of the caring mother melted everyone’s heart.

The charming teenage girl decided to follow in her mother’s modeling career. In 2020 she brilliantly featured in an advertisement campaign for Ambrosio’s swimwear label. The model admits that the girl herself decides her future.

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