«Her last wish was to meet her idol»: The praiseworthy act of Hollywood actor DiCaprio visiting his little fan with cancer

Leonardo DiCaprio’s heroic act to visit his 13-year-old fan who suffers cancer

When incredibly talented, successful and one of the best-known Hollywood actors DiCaprio became aware of the fact that one of his little fans suffered leukemia and her last wish was to meet and interact with her idol, the movie star agreed to visit her without even thinking for a second.

Fortunately, this turned out to be not her last cherished dream since she, miraculously, managed to defeat her incurable disease.

It is worth mentioning that it was in 1997 that the renowned actor kindly visited Kate who at that time was kept in hospital.

As she admitted, Leo was one of the friendliest people on Earth and that she was really grateful to him for taking time for her out of his busy schedule.

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