“Her iconic outfit in a black coat”: Legendary Hollywood actress Jolie’s elegant look recently caught by photojournalists

The outstanding actress definitely knows how to delight her followers

These days, the legendary and overall-recognized actress has been caught by photojournalists in an elegant black coat while doing shopping accompanied with her adopted heiress Zahara. It has been not the first time that she took one of her daughters when going shopping, visiting museums or simply appearing in public. This time, the Hollywood celebrity took Zahara with her who took a short break from the college to accompany her mother.

Her impressive look in an elegant black coat, gorgeous black high-heeled shoes and sunglasses immediately became a sensation. The film star collected her hair in a bun and looked literally amazing.

Her high-heeled cropped boots made a deep impression on absolutely everyone. It should be noted that the heiress of Jolie was dressed in a similar way, i. e. a black sweater, black denim jeans as well as fashionable classic converses.

“This outfit undoubtedly deserves an Oscar”, “The highest in fashion”, “How elegantly she is dressed”, “Gorgeous even without makeup”, “Both the mother and daughter are the representatives of highest fashion”.

How did you like the actress’s elegant look?

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