«Her beauty remained in the 1990s»: The way legendary actress Bridget Fonda has changed over years left the fans speechless

The fans refuse to believe this is charming 1990s’ actress Fonda in these photos

One of the best-known, successful and charming stars in the 1980s and 1990s is actress Bridget Fonda who won millions of hearts not only with her excellent acting skills, but also her unique beauty. But since the 2000s, no one has seen her in public.

Many are of the opinion that the legendary actress wanted to dedicate herself to the family life. She married Danny Elfman and since then the brilliant film star hasn’t acted in any films.

In the course of these 13 years, no one knew exactly what happened to the beauty and as soon as the new paparazzi photos were shared, her fans were literally left speechless.

Millions keep claiming that her beauty remained in the 1990s and now the actress looks totally unrecognizable.

If you saw the actress in public, would you easily recognize her?


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