«Her appearance reflects the depression she goes through»: Lopez’s daughter has been criticized for her appearance

The appearance of Lopez’s daughter in baggy clothes and headphones caused a stir 🧐😲

Among the brightest, most talented and outstanding performers in the world is J. Lopez. It stands to reason for such a world-renowned celebrity, taking time for themselves, rushing to beauty salons and turning to beauticians is something usual.

She is often seen with her eldest daughter in public whose appearance leaves a lot to be desired according to thousands of netizens.

Judging by her unusual appearance, she is currently in the process of overcoming her depression since one’s state of mind is often reflected in their appearance. She has short hair, wears baggy clothes and is often seen in headphones.

Lopez’s fans wonder when the girl will look and behave in an appropriate way, that is feminine. Her recent appearance with her mother caught everyone’s attention and became the subject of heated discussions.

She doesn’t lack parental love, constant support and affection, and we hope we will soon clarify her distinct style.

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