Heather Locklear, a.k.a. Amanda Woodward from “Melrose Place,” showed her “terrific” beauty at 61 in a new photo since getting a “second chance” in life.

Heather Locklear, known for playing Amanda Woodward in “Melrose Place,” looks gorgeous in legging at 61 after she got a “second chance” at life.

The actress has a beautiful daughter who stayed by her side while the actress fought addiction.

Heather is engaged to a man she has known for years and with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.

Heather Locklear, more commonly recognized as Amanda Woodward from the popular TV soap opera “Melrose Place,” turned her life around. The actress posted a photo of herself looking healthy and happy. After deciding to get her life back on track, the actress enjoys life with her family.

Heather was married twice in her life. She married Tommy Lee in 1986, although the two went their separate ways in 1993. Following her first divorce, Heather met Richie Sambora. The two tied the knot in 1994 and had a daughter together, Ava Locklear. However, in 2007, Heather and Sambora also decided to get a divorce.

Heather Locklear on September 9, 1998 at Garden of Eden in Hollywood | Source: Getty Images

After Heather’s second divorce, her life started spiraling out of control. The actress developed a dependency on alcohol and struggled with her mental health. In 2019, the actress was charged with eight misdemeanors, six of which were for battery. Her trial led to her being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

After getting her life back on track, Heather’s priorities have changed completely.
Heather spent a considerable amount of time in rehab, trying to shake her alcohol dependence. She has had two run-ins with the police while intoxicated after a loved one called the police. On these occasions, Heather often became violent, taking her aggression out on the law enforcement officer or EMP present.

Heather Locklear in 2018, in Ventura, California | Source: Getty Images

After several visits to rehab facilities, Heather realized she had to make a change in her life. She committed to becoming sober and celebrated one year without alcohol in 2020. She marked the occasion with a post on Instagram, detailing what she has learned through her journey to recovery.

How Does Heather Locklear Look Now & Who Is Her Daughter?
In 2023, Heather is proud to be three years sober. The actress posted an image of herself in a hoodie, a scarf, leggings, and sneakers on Instagram. The 61-year-old captioned the post, writing, “Finally figuring out how to take photos. Can we get back to Polaroids where I look 70 years younger?😬🤪🤣.”

Heather opened up about her new relationship, saying she’s in it for the long run.
Fans loved the image and showed their support for the actress in the comment section. Many commented on how beautiful she looked, with one user writing, “You look terrific Heather.” Another user commented, “Sush. You’re literally GLOWING.” One fan complimented the actress, “You look great any camera any age!”

A user's comment, 2023 | Source:

The actress also shared a post reminiscing about her daughter’s youth. The post consisted of a video montage of her daughter through the years. The video included images from when Ava was only a little baby. It also showed her as a toddler, a teenager, and more recently. She captioned the post, “Pure love.”

The photo montage of Ava showed that she is the spitting image of her mother as she flaunted her blonde hair and her blue eyes shimmered in all the photos. Unlike her mom, Ava elected to study psychology, and the 25-year-old is in a happy long-term relationship with Tyler Farrar, having met him before 2019.

After getting her life back on track, Heather’s priorities have changed completely. She makes a point of spending time with Ava, and she enjoys quiet, calming pursuits. Heather finds solace in her garden, where she grows many of the ingredients she uses to cook for her parents. Her friends commented, “It’s very sweet.”

The actress ensures she doesn’t miss one moment in her daughter’s life, and the family celebrated Ava’s graduation from college together in 2020. After her two failed marriages, Heather has decided to give love another chance, and she is reportedly engaged once again.

Who Is Heather Locklear’s Fiance & How Did They Meet?
In high school, Heather dated Chris Heisser. The two called it quits after they graduated from Newbury Park High School in 1979. Years later, they reconnected after Heather completed her 30 days of court-ordered rehab. The two have been spending time together ever since and even plan to marry.

Heather opened up about her new relationship, saying she’s in it for the long run. The actress shared that she told Chris she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, whether they did so as a married couple or not. Despite everyone in their family urging them to get married, Heather is happy just being with him. She mentioned:

“I’m like, ‘You’re my man for the rest of my life, whether we get married or not.’ [A wedding] is so not important. We’re together, and we love each other and support each other. And really that’s all that matters.”

After becoming famous for her role in “Melrose Place,” Heather’s life became increasingly complicated. Years later, she has managed to focus on the things that really matter to her — her family. With Chris’ support and love, Heather is staying sober and devoting most of her time to those she loves.

The actress gushed about Chris, saying he is the sweetest man she has ever known. He encourages her to do her best and is there whenever she needs a helping hand. Family friends and others close to the couple also commented, saying Heather and Chris are on cloud nine together. Heather gushed about Chris:

“When I’m with him, I go, ‘This feels like home…And basically, he’s the most easy-going, loving person. He just has my back, and I have his. He truly is super special to me.”

A source close to Heather said Chris has always had feelings for the actress. He was a significant source of support and comfort while the actress was first getting sober. Like Don Johnson, Heather had someone to help her stay strong. The source also shared that Heather’s family is happy to see her living a simple, contented life.