Hayek’s and her daughter’s first public appearance!: Salma with her girl became the highlight of the premiere

Here is the first public appearance of Hayek and her teenage daughter

On October 18 the premiere of the great film “Forever” was held in Los Angeles. It is worth mentioning that the spectacular appearance of iconic Jolie and her children was one of the highlights of the premiere since Jolie brilliantly played the warrior Tena in that film. It is relevant to mention that the teenage daughter of Salma, Valentina as well as the charming film star’s husband drew the attention of absolutely everyone as the girl was officially seen for the first time.

The iconic actress played the sage Ayak and determined to be present at the premiere accompanied with her adorable teenage girl.

Both Valentina and her father were dressed in all black and, what concerns Hayek, she completed her elegant full-length black dress with silver beads and looked literally stunning. Valentina spectacularly appeared in a black mini dress. Many pointed out that the 14-year-old girl started to resemble her iconic mother.

“She inherited her mother’s charming eyes!”, “What an unearthly beauty she has grown into”, “She is angelically beautiful”, “How flawless she looks!”.

It should be noted that the Mexican actress and her husband have been in an inseparable relationship for already 12 years. Though the legendary spouses have only one heiress, the celebrity’s husband has four kids from his previous marriage.

Many couldn’t stay indifferent towards the teenage girl’s unrealistic beauty and uniqueness who inherited the best features of her parents.


How did you like the appearance of the heiress of the actress?

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