“Has changed into a blonde!”: Iconic actress Jolie’s transformation into a blonde amazed her fans

Are you ready to see Hollywood actress Jolie with completely blond hair?

The loyal fans and the admirers of one of the most outstanding and legendary film stars in the film industry recently noticed that the iconic actress started to frequently share pictures of her and appear in public more often. Thousands of netizens have been claiming that the star has an abnormal thinness, needs to urgently see a doctor and change her lifestyle.

And here she is, a blonde!

The actual reason why Jolie has transformed into a blonde, or, to speak the truth, wore a blond wig, is that she is going to brilliantly take part in a new Markel picture. Most of her fans came into delight when learning the news.

Some hold the opinion that she looks much more stunning and elegant with blond hair, whereas the others claim that her natural hair color, in fact, suits her better.

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