«Has all the qualities of an ideal woman»: Hathaway made a deep impression on Versace with her spectacular appearance

Hathaway was called a Versace icon after she participates in a fashion advertisement

Taking part in a Versace commercial, outstanding and incredibly talented actress A. Hathaway made a real splash with her impressive and mind-blowing images.

She hit the advertising campaign for an haute couture house dedicated to style icons. The popular actress wore two Versace outfits and in both she looked stupendous and unsurpassed.

Her first image was in a black mini dress of shimmering fabric with straps. She completed her «iconic» image with elegant high-heeled pumps. The black sheer tights and a laconic purse gave her, even more, charm and gracefulness.

Then, she hit the screens with a black corset and high-rise jeans. Her leather belt with a massive gold buckle emphasized the thinness of her waist.

Hathaway shared that she was invited to participate in the photo shoot under the guidance of D. Versace who was highly impressed by the film star’s amazing appearance and charisma.

The head of the world-class fashion house admitted. «She is a good actress and an exemplary woman. She is kind, creative and has all the qualities of an ideal woman. She deserves to be called a Versace icon.

Did she impress you too with her fantastic look?

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