«Hand in hand still getting butterflies»: Paparazzi caught singer Lopez in a sophisticated look with her husband Affleck

Beautiful spouses J. LO and Affleck have recently been caught being hand in hand

Just recently, the fresh footage of Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck caught together hand in hand didn’t let the netizens stay indifferent. Despite some people’s opinions that Affleck is still addicted to alcohol, the spouses, though, looked happy.

The iconic star at 53 was in flared jeans, a T-shirt and an elegant eco-coat which made her look more sophisticated and unsurpassable. What concerns Affleck, he kept gently holding his wife’s hand. They looked harmonious, joked and laughed together.

Whereas some rushed to claim that the celebrity didn’t manage to wash her hair since she pulled it in a bun letting front strands.

It is worth mentioning that J. LO’s ex-husband Marc Anthony has recently married a 23-year-old supermodel, a participant of Miss Universe 2021.

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