«Half-bald and like an alien!»: The paparazzi photos of Campbell left the fans of the supermodel speechless

The fans refuse to believe that this half-bald homeless-like woman is iconic Campbell 😳😱

The paparazzi photos represented below serve as evidence that we shouldn’t believe in everything we see on social media. The way our idols look on Instagram isn’t the way they actually look like in real life without filters and retouching.

Those, who sincerely considered this world-renowned and successful supermodel the epitome of female beauty and attractiveness, are now disappointed in her current appearance.

The recent paparazzi shots of the iconic woman with no wig and makeup caused a real splash on social media. Many couldn’t understand where her charm disappeared and were strongly dissatisfied with her natural beauty.

However, we all should bear in our mind that absolutely no one is perfect and everyone deserves to be loved and accepted.

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