«Gold brocade dress worth around $2,000»: Meghan Markle’s outfit drew criticism among her fans

Meghan doesn’t understand that she should behave modestly😱🫢She preferred to receive focused attention but was criticized for completely inappropriate outfit🫣🤐

Royal family experts have finally found out why Meghan Markle was absent from Charles’ coronation. It turned out that Markle decided not to attend the event and wanted to be in the crowd of celebrities and turn heads at another event.

The Duchess attended the Women of Vision Awards in New York. She chose such an image that everyone remembered the royal presence. Markle wore a gold brocade dress with a gold handbag, earrings and diamond bracelets. She completed the look with gold sandals.
Meghan Markle sparked controversy for choosing the wrong outfit․

The dress was created by Johanna Ortiz and was valued at approximately $2,000, the Tom Ford sandals were valued at $1,500, and the Carolina Herrera handbag was valued at $1,000. However, everyone criticized Meghan’s outfit. The purpose of the Women for Vision Award is to make a significant contribution to women’s rights․ Apart from Markle, the rest of the nominees dressed modestly in business suits or jeans.

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