“Gates, Churchill and others in youth and at a mature age”: Here are the iconic people of our time in youth

This is how the legends of our time looked in their youth and at a mature age

Given the fact that most legendary people of our time gained fame, popularity and overall recognition at a mature age, it seems unusual to imagine how they looked in their childhood or youth. There are cases when people don’t manage to recognize today’s legendary people when taking a look at their archival photos taken decades ago. Now, we are more than sure that you will be greatly interested in how the iconic people of today looked in their youth and these archival photos will, undoubtedly, leave you speechless. Try to guess who is who without looking at their photos on the right!

L. de Funes

W. Churchill

K. Lagerfeld

B. Gates

S. Dali

S. Jobs

D. Hoffman

Charles III

D. Rockefeller

O. Winfrey

E. Che Guevara

P. Picasso

O. Osbourne

D. Trejo

Z. Zidane

Did you manage to recognize them? Do you think they look totally different?


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