“Gained weight and became less attractive”: The imperfect figure of Roberts was appreciated by far not everyone

The fans were left speechless seeing how Roberts looks in a swimming suit

Despite being already 54, one of the most outstanding, desirable and successful film stars still keeps pleasantly surprising her fans with her perfect physical properties. Many are more than sure that she doesn’t know how to age. Recently, the photojournalists were lucky enough to capture the star in a swimming suit and here are the photos.

The majority of comments were positive, whereas there were also those who rushed to claim that she could have looked better.
“Lopez looks much better than her!”, “She stopped taking care of herself!”, “Sides appeared”, “She is no more than same”.

Whereas many supported the actress praising her beauty and elegance.

“What charming appearance”, “Envy silently”.

How about you? Did you like the shots?

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