“Full leopard and blue velvet”: The non-standard outfits of Hayek are being actively discussed on the web

Some unusual outfits of Hayek led many to criticize the Mexican actress

Today, we are going to tell about one of the most attractive, desirable and outstanding actresses who never ceases to pleasantly surprise her followers with her professionalism, femininity and charisma. Many have been wondering how the Mexican actress manages to maintain her stunning and impeccable appearance despite her age.

The appetizing forms of the iconic woman, her flawless skin and stunning hair always remain the center of everyone’s admiration. Whereas there have been cases the legendary film star greatly surprised the public with her unusual outfits.

Sometimes, the unsuccessfully chosen outfits of the celebrity disappoint her fans who rush to criticize the actress for her terrible taste.

Recently, the photojournalists caught Hayek in a velvet costume which, according to many, highlighted her “flaws” and” imperfections”.

And her rather unusual look in a leopard pattern didn’t let people stay indifferent. Far not everyone appreciated the extraordinary outfit of the actress.

How did you like Hayek’s outfits?

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