‘Full House’s Dave Coulier Builds Home with His Own Hands for His Family at 63 after Overcoming Addiction for His Wife

Dave Coulier, a.k.a. Uncle Joey Gladstone from “Full House,” is a “hard workin’ man” building a house for his family with his own hands despite being a millionaire.

He traded Hollywood for his hometown to live there with his wife of 9 years, whose tears made him quit lasting addiction.

Despite not having kids with his beloved wife, his son from his first marriage makes him a proud father and her a proud step-mom―he is a handsome pilot.

Best known for his funny role as Uncle Joey in the American sitcom “Full House,” Dave Coulier rose to fame as a stand-up comedian in the 1980s.

The American comedian and actor got to showcase his skills through his iconic role, and the viewers loved every bit of his acting.

Dave Coulier as Joey Gladstone in "Full House" on June 26, 1987 | Source: Getty Images

Since then, Dave has only received appreciation as he worked hard and became a millionaire. Despite having so much wealth, the actor is still humble as he builds his house with his own hands.

Although the 63-year-old actor can hire people to work for him, he prefers to build his lakeside house himself. He plans to live in it with his wife, Melissa Bring, after having a successful career in Hollywood.

“I find that I’m drawn to Lake St. Clair,” the actor confessed in an interview while talking about his property near the lake.

Dave Coulier builds his own house | Source:

Dave started working on the property from scratch and did not feel shy to clear the area, cut trees, and operate different machines himself.

How Is Dave Coulier Building His New House?
After spending decades in Los Angeles, the “The Family Holiday” actor returned to his metro Detroit hometown. He had always dreamt of living near Lake St. Clair, which proves why he is building his new house there.

The best part is that his wife supports him in turning his dream into reality. The actor is grateful to her for being “very open” to living beside a lake.

“I feel joy knowing the places Dave holds near to his heart,” Bring confessed while her husband felt great about returning to his hometown. He revealed being there reminded him of his childhood.

Instead of hiring people to build his new house, Dave did everything himself. His hard work and determination “impressed” Bring, who said:

“I love seeing how versatile Dave is.”

In another interview, the actor revealed that he took classes at a contractor’s school to learn how to build a house but didn’t feel fully confident about it.

While Dave loves keeping himself busy with multiple projects, he knows he would want to take a break from everything one day.

Even then, the actor would like to sit by the lake, which makes him calm. Talking about Lake St. Clair, Dave admitted there was a “certain magic” about the “beautiful place.”.

The actor keeps his fans updated on the progress of his house through his social media. In a post, Dave was seen “cutting window and door openings” wearing dust-covered clothes.

While Dave still has the same contagious smile, he looks graceful in short hair and white stubble. In another Instagram post, he confessed:

“I love being outdoors, working hard, and getting the job done. I respect all those hard-working builders out there. Would love to hear what you’re working on.”

“Wow, that’s so awesome that you are doing so much of the building yourself!” an Instagram user commented. “It’s awesome,” a second user praised Coulier’s efforts.

“When a person has the means to pay someone else to do it but is humble enough to get their hands dirty, that is where they earn all my respect,” another fan commented. Meanwhile, his wife called him a “hard-workin’ man” in the comments section of another post.

Dave Coulier’s Relationship with His Wife
The “Fuller House” star saw his now-wife for the first time in her hometown, Montana, in 2005. They developed an instant bond during their first meeting and tied the knot years later, in 2014.

Since then, the couple has supported each other through thick and thin. Dave considered himself “A lucky man” to have her in his life.

He wrote a heartfelt birthday wish for Bring and posted it on Instagram with a photo of him sitting beside her with their two dogs. “She’s the rock of our family, and without her, we’re just three hairy boys,” the comedian said.

His fans learned more about his relationship with his wife when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram with a detailed caption that made it to the headlines. The actor opened up about his addiction and confessed he had been “alcohol-free since January 1, 2020.”

Dave Coulier with Melissa Bring and Luc Coulier | Source:

In his post, he revealed that his wife supported him throughout as he experienced withdrawal symptoms. He decided to quit drinking after falling and injuring himself because of his habit.

In an interview, Dave talked about the life-changing incident. He recalled sending his wife a photo of his injured face that night and hearing her cry on the phone.

“At that point, I realized, wow, I need to fix this,” the comedian said. He also confessed that it was difficult to call himself an alcoholic because he always thought he drank for fun.

Although the couple never had children, Bring became a wonderful stepmother to Dave’s son from his first wife. The stepmother-stepson duo shares a beautiful bond.

Who Is Dave Coulier’s Son?
Dave welcomed his son, Luc Coulier, with his first wife, Jayne Modean, in 1990. The actor loves his son and often posts photos with him on Instagram. Luc has a successful career like his father, but it’s not in Hollywood.

In 2016, the actor took to Instagram to announce that his son had joined SkyWest Airlines as a pilot. Two years later, the “proud” father revealed that Luc had become a captain.

“He’s always been surrounded with a love for aviation,” Dave confessed in an Instagram post while recalling how they used to look at airplanes at the airport when Luc was a kid.

While turning his dream into reality, Luc fell in love with a girl, Alex Cochran, who he married in May 2021 after dating her for a long time. The couple was engaged for a year before tying the knot.

Dave’s Instagram profile reflects his love for his family where he frequently posts photos with his handsome son and loving wife. His fans can never get bored of Uncle Joey’s social media presence.