From “The Worst of the Worst”: Model and film star De Palma from Spain is heavily criticized for her appearance

Rossi De Palma, a popular model in Spain whom many call “Baba Yaga”

Meet Rossi who is a popular and overall-recognized actress and model not only in her homeland, but also all over the world. It is worth mentioning that she first gained worldwide fame due to director Pedro Almodovar who happened to see the woman by chance who, at that time, was singing in the bank named “The Worst of the Worst”.

Though the woman is well aware of her unusual appearance, Rossie is self-confident without comparing herself with the other models and celebrities.

Despite her unusual and non-standard appearance, the Spanish film star is often offered roles in movies as well as is demanded among various designers and directors. The fact that Rossie is quite self-assured attracts many who want to collaborate with the unique lady.

Though Rossie is often called “Baba Yaga” and is heavily criticized for her imperfect appearance, she continues delighting the world with her self-confidence and positivity. The Spanish actress tries not to react to negative comments and neglect those who suggest her undergoing plastic surgeries.

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