«From supermodel to unkempt woman»: Tyra Banks has changed so much that has disappointed all her fans

Supermodel Tyra has gained weight and doesn’t seem to be making any effort to lose it😱🫢«Where is the ageless beauty of fashion world?», fans are disappointed😮🤐

Tyra Banks first appeared when she was 17 years old in Paris in 1990. She charmed designers with her unique beauty and perfect figure and this led to a successful career.
In 1997, she became the first African-American woman to star in a Victoria’s Secret commercial and became an angel for the brand.

Then Tyra created the TV show America’s Next Top Model, and this made her famous and rich.
Since then, Banks has continued her career in television, began writing books, and has been involved in producing․ After that, she never returned to the modeling world․ This caused her appearance to change significantly.

The supermodel has gained extra weight, and apparently she’s doing nothing to lose it. Her forehead became higher as a result of hair growth.
The supermodel’s face shows wrinkles, which indicates aging․ This all led to her looking older than her age.

Despite all this, we must remember that she is the beautiful and successful Tyra Banks who won millions of hearts and also had a profound influence on the fashion and entertainment industry.

Would you recognize her now?

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