«From chubby Bridget into a slender hottie!»: Zellweger’s incredible transformation pleasantly surprised the fans

No one believed their eyes when they saw the «new» Zellweger who lost much weight 😳😍

Among her numerous film roles, this outstanding actress is best remembered as chubby Bridget Jones. Few know that for the role’s sake, the popular star had to gain weight. Yet, when the filming was over she started to drastically lose weight.

It stands to reason that gaining and losing weight within a short period was definitely stressful for her and she soon found herself completely exhausted.

The recent paparazzi photos revealed that the celebrity changed beyond recognition. She managed to return to her former body shape and looked fantastic in leggings.

Many noted that in the sportswear she looked really thin and it was time for her to stop losing weight.

She was filmed with her partner, Ant Anstead. The couple looked happy together.

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