«From a successful career to devoted motherhood». Cameron Diaz’s child amazed everyone with her cute appearance  

The paparazzi did the unimaginable 🥰🥹

Cameron Diaz is a famous actress, who created a successful career and devoted her youth to her job. She wanted to have a child, but was sure it was impossible because she couldn’t work and earn money and at the same time look after her child.

So, as a result, she focused her whole attention on her career and had a child at the age of 47.

The actress wanted to have a child when she was already 47, so having a child at that age was risky. With her hubby Benji Madden, she decided to have a child through a surrogate mother.

Their adorable daughter was born and was named Raddix. Diaz disappeared from the screen and devoted herself to raising her child.

They try to keep their child away from the public eye, they don’t share photos with her and don’t tell anything about her.

But recently, the paparazzi captured them on the street. The cute face of the child is noticeable and netizens immediately spotted that she looks like her father. She is so sweet and fans are sure she will become a real beauty.

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