«From a plump woman into a slender hottie!»: The incredible transformation of Simpson left everyone speechless

Nobody believed their eyes when they saw the «new» Simpson who lost 100 pounds 😳😍

J. Simpson has recently astonished her followers with her incredible transformation having lost 100 pounds. Though the mother of three kids has returned to her former body shape and even more, she gave her fans reasons to worry about her health.

She has lately been caught at New York Kennedy Airport and looked unrecognizable. It became clear that she lost much weight. The outstanding actress and singer was in high-waisted pants, a black top and a stylish cropped jacket.

Jessica was not alone, but with her husband. It is worth mentioning that they have happily been married since 2014 and have had three children.

It was after her third childbirth that she determined to change her lifestyle and become the best version of herself. She managed to lose a lot of weight and now even her fans barely recognize their idol.

«I went to a dietitian and needed to fix my eating habits. I feel absolutely happy – the same as I was before I had children and all my hormones went crazy».

She joyfully claims that she can now wear anything she wants and look much younger and, of course, be healthier.


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