«Frequent breakdowns and relationship scandals»: Outstanding singer Lopez has recently been spotted in oversized sportswear

Taking every extra pound too seriously, Lopez works out five days a week to stay in shape

One of today’s most frequently-discussed stars of show business is, undoubtedly, outstanding singer Jennifer Lopez who has undergone some radical changes in her appearance. The recent paparazzi photos prove the previously mentioned.

Regardless of her breakthroughs in nutrition as well as disagreements and scandals in the relationship with B. Affleck, the celebrity is actively losing weight.

On March 2, new paparazzi photos of Lopez she was in blue oversized sports trousers which didn’t really go well with her slender figure and, in their turn, added some extra pounds.

The successful singer often appears in the spotlight in similar outfits which seem quite comfortable but fail to perfectly emphasize her toned body.

It is known that the weight and overall appearance do matter for the star who takes every extra kilo too seriously. The performer attends the gym five times a week to maintain her attractive body.

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